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01. Understand

We meet and talk, we have so many questions. We don’t speak about technical matters but about you, your activity, your clients or audience and the story you want to tell.
What is your core business and brand image? What are your real needs and goals?
Your answers are crucial for us to design the best website and offering an optimized look and feel interface to your clients and visitors.

02. Conceptualize

We plaster our walls with ideas, visual inspiration and appropriate strategy schemes.
We’ll explore a wide range of possible approaches to challenge our concepts. Then, we draft a summary list of the main website requirements that we submit for your approval.
Purpose: info, corporate, E commerce, community? Goals: generate incomes, brand awareness, virtual exhibition? Audience: age, sex, countries, social class? Content: text documents, products, pictures, video?

03. Plan

We are now able to schedule the different stages for developing your website.
We draw a the site map (pages, menus, sliders, etc. ).
We define a list of content you need to gather and forward to our team that will integrate to the different pages (text, pictures, videos, documents, forms, languages versions, etc.).
We decide which technologies should be used (landing pages, CMS, forms, etc.) by our developers.

04. Design

We propose different design options we consider to be the best according to your needs, goals and constraints.
Based on templates and previous works, we offer a clear preview of design final results of your website. We explore in details each design components of your website such as colors panel, fonts, backgrounds, logo, icons, effects, animations, etc.
Through your collaboration & workshops we are also able to make informed design decisions. We think design with strong focus on user experience, user journey & visual impact can work hand-in-hand.

05. Develop

We now create your website. Taking into account your previous suggestions, modifications and corrections, we combine all different elements in an organized way. Your website starts to live here.
Whether we build a mere presentation website, or develop a sophisticated community platform, we passionately craft the final outcome with acute attention to detail.
We test with real users the final version of your website: the content, links, forms (database and automatic emails), photos, galleries, responsive design on different devices, etc.
We deliver your website that is now available online!

06. Deliver

Delivery doesn’t mean the end of the project. Support and maintenance our our concern, and if any issue should be noticed right away after delivery, we make our best effort to find he solution.
It is very important for our team to give best satisfaction to our clients. Our experience shows that clients usually need a short training to the basics of how to administrate their website, we are available for any question about the use of the website, its updates, etc.
My Croissant’s team is always happy to contribute to bring your website to success by monitoring performance, improving functionalities, marketing your business on the web namely with a social media campaign.

Websites prices

Some market digital agencies prefer not to make their pricing public.
Instead we offer a clear, transparent and competitive pricing.

4 packages “All inclusive”

1. Basic

Complete features for presenting company, association, project and more.

2. Community

Communities or organism with many users (members, authors, etc.)

3. Portfolio

Products, Art works, Photos and any items presentation

4. eCommerce

Sell products, services and eLearning courses

Customer care

Face a problem? No worries.
Our customer support service
is always ready to help you.


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