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Manipulating search engines for improving SEO rankings is not only useless but also penalizing. Search engines are now USER oriented, in other words if you don’t provide a great and useful experience to your users, Google will lead them to competitors that will.

SEO focuses today on maximizing user experience (instead of filling content with keywords) surfing from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, phablet and smartphone!

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SEO strategy

Search engines are more intuitive than ever, they understand with extreme precision the users research, therefore our work consist in making it easy for users to find your website. Our experts have deep knowledge to plan efficient SEO strategies bringing your audience to your business.
While developing your website, we focus on SEO strategy from the earliest stages of your website development process, in order customize an optimized website map, mobile-friendly design and quality content.

You understand easily why SEO means ensuring your website has not only quality and relevant content but also that it displays correctly on responsive website. For instance, we often redesign clients’ website to improve loading time for a smoother user experience.

Identify our audience

We conduct in-depth research on your industry and market, uncovering what they search for and how they search for it.

Build natural links

We plan and build your natural linking, setting your meta-tags, diversifying your links, leverage on social network, trusted authorities, etc.

Audit your website

We assess your website’s current SEO performance, checking your content, texts, menus, categories, taxonomies, slugs, media labels, links, cache files, responsive website design, etc.

Plan your SEO strategy

We plan a customized SEO strategy according to your objectives and constraints in terms of time, budget and competition.


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