Facebook page

We offer a full range of services to manage your Facebook presence, we manage your community on Facebook to engage and grow your audience and we moderate the same community to protect your brand’s reputation and image.

  • Create and Design a friendly Facebook Page
  • Edit content style to fit your brand’s image
  • Manage multilingual page and provide for translations
  • Plan editorial strategy for ongoing content creation
  • Identify and Share to targeted members
  • Activate influencers networks for engaging members
  • Collect and forward complaints to your customer services

Youtube channel

Alongside with Facebook page, YouTube channel is crucial to a successful social media campaign with viral videos so easy to share and implement on your website for stunning and attractive pages.

  • Create and customize your Channel reflecting your brand image which is a great way to showcase your services, products and values.
  • Build link and drive traffic with cost effective videos and promote with ads tools and natural linking.
  • Integrate your channel in your Website & Facebook pages, spreading videos to the heart of your audience.
  • ROI metrics and visual reports telling who and how your videos are viewed and shared, we adjust the content during the campaign to optimize its success.

Social listening

MyCroissant’s team has deep expertise in using social listening tools, manage keywords and track users and communities’ sentiments towards your brand image in social media, in many languages and different countries.
Our work allow us to locate key influencers and engage with in order to help developing your community, improve your media campaigns and social media strategy.
So many listening tools are available online and maybe you already use specific tools. In both cases we can assist you for using or selecting tools fitting your needs and budget.

Our experts will analyze data retrieved from the social listening and translate into understandable reports with visuals and efficient recommendations regarding your social media strategy

  • Brand sentiment
  • Track mentions of your brand, product and services
  • Positive emotion and intent such as order
  • Share of conversation/competitors
  • Negative conversations
  • Buzz tracking
  • Engagement rates
  • Identify you influencers
  • Market trends

Social media crisis monitoring

MyCroissant’s team is armed with practical tools to use in emergency and advises for your own team:

  • Identify source of the social media crisis
  • Assist to solve the social media crisis
  • Assess and limit damage to your brand’s image and reputation
  • Moderation and response to communities
  • Follow up crisis management plans


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